Sunday, December 30, 2012

Snow is finally here

I was a bit disappointed when there was no snow for Christmas this year again. It started falling in the evening and it lasted only for few minutes. It has been falling on and off since then but never too much to be good for a good snowball fight or even sledding. 

This is the view from our our back door. 

And here are the girls on Christmas eve having fun looking around for the last pieces of green grass. They don't like to come out when the snow is on the ground so this was their last walk around the yard.  

So now is the time to start planning for next year - new garden plans, more garden beds, and some fruit trees that we would like to add to our little farm. I would also love to have bees but I might have to wait for that just one more year. First things first... I will keep you updated on my progress and new findings! 


Unknown said...

You had a little snow! Over here it was quite mild (which I don't mind, since I don't like the cold). The fruit trees sound good, I'm looking forward to see what your other plans are for this year. Have a happy New Year's Eve!

Monika said...

Thank you Elise! Plans are unwinding...