Wednesday, February 08, 2012

All you need is love

Are you like me looking for some cute Valentine's Day project, that you can display somewhere, where everyone can see it? Here is a little tutorial how to make a front door Valentine's Day decoration. 

First cut up some tissue paper into squares.

Then cut a heart out of a cardboard, card stock, or like me out of a cereal box. Draw a heart shape in the middle using a tacky glue. Use pencil with eraser to help you crunch up the tissue paper (place the eraser in the middle of the tissue paper square and twist) and stick it to the glue.

Your kids can help. I had both of them help and they loved crunching the tissue paper. 

First use the white one for the middle, then frame the white heart with the red tissue paper. Of course you can alternate the colors. 

The kids and I decided to add a little twist to our tissue paper heart and we taped streamers to the back of the cereal box heart. 

And now our heart is free to fly around in the wind. 
(I had to tape a skewer to the back so the heart doesn't keep on bending)

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