Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I finished on time!

I am so excited! I got to knit again! It was a little speed-knitting but I just enjoyed it so much. My friend Anne's baby girl had a one year birthday and I wanted to give her something thoughtful. I know how much Anne likes hand made hats so I knitted her one. I thought of it only 3 days prior to the party and so I had to do it quickly. But I finished. And now I am thinking about my Etsy.com store... Should I include knitted hats? What do you think?

I knitted more but I don't have the pictures of my creations! What a shame. Well, what do you think? Would these sell on Etsy? (No matter what, I am working on some baby leg warmers for my store right now ;-))

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Anne Marie said...

that is so adorable! I saw you were going to the blogger party Saturday...I SO wish I was able to , but I'm 7 dys overdue with baby here...let' shope I'm really busy that day :)

just wanted to say hi and introduce myself!

hope we get to meet...maybe you could make it out to the farm this May?? for my sale?? Jenn will know the details :)

Anne Marie