Wednesday, March 18, 2009

clay art

clay art
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Sometimes I think Tristan is too little for some projects but I decided to try this one out when he was about 20 months. I bought the CRAYOLA AIR-DRY CLAY (you don't need oven for this project = less pain) and we both had an amazing time creating different shapes out of it. He molded some impressive shapes and we let them dry for a day or two. At that time I had an idea right away - we will use those little shapes as pendants for grandmas' necklaces (Christmas gift) so I made a hole thru them.

After couple days we sat back down with these little amulets, this time with some paint and brushes, and Tristan painted them!!! Don't they look adorable?

Last step was my turn - I took glaze and painted over the paint so that the pendants are shiny. Then we put them on a string that we picked out together in Hobby Lobby and presents were finished!!!

I smile every time I see either one of grandmas wearing theirs... and Tristan? He is soooo proud!!!!

Happy molding!

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